Soul Serenade: Jackie Ross, “Selfish One”

Soul Serenade - Jackie RossWhen the Beatles arrived in America in 1964 many dreams of stardom were crushed. The ensuing flood tide known as the British Invasion swept away many artists who had been enjoying success in the ’50s and early ’60s. There were exceptions however, and among those exceptions were the artists who recorded for Motown Records. Motown continued to turn out hit after hit, as if oblivious to the charms of the invaders from across the sea.

One of those Motown artists was a great singer by the name of Mary Wells. She was more than just another Motown artist. In many ways she defined the sound of Motown in the early ’60s, scoring with her trio of 1962 hits “The One Who Really Loves You,” “Two Lovers,” and “You Beat Me to the Punch,” followed by her biggest hit, “My Guy,” in 1964. The Smokey Robinson-written song was a #1 hit on the Pop and R&B charts … (more)


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