Soul Serenade: People’s Choice, “Do It Any Way You Wanna”

The People's Choice - Do It Any Way You WannaI was in Philadelphia last week. Yes, I had a cheesesteak, but even better than the city’s signature sandwich is the music that Philadelphia has produced. In the ’60s and early ’70s that music often took the form of sweet soul ballads by the likes of the Delfonics, the Stylistics, and Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes. As the ’70s rolled on, a new sound began to emerge. It was a funkier, more upbeat sound, one that was embodied in the music of a group by the name of the People’s Choice.

Frank Brunson was born in Buffalo, NY and learned to play piano and organ as a child. In his mid-20s he began to play professionally, making his first recording in 1956 as “Little” (he stood 5’4″ tall) Frankie Brunson. Failing to achieve success, Brunson lit out for Philadelphia in the early ’60s, and in 1965 he put together the People’s Choice in that city. The band couldn’t find much recording success, and made a living as a lounge act for several years … (more)


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