Soul Serenade: The Intrigues, “In A Moment”

The Intrigues - In a MomentThankfully, primary season is winding down. No matter who you support, or don’t support, you probably agree that we need a break from the level of vitriol that we’ve been experiencing for the last year or so. Yes, we’ll have to face it all again, and no doubt worse, when the general election campaigns kick into gear, but with the primaries nearly over maybe we can get a little break for a few weeks. Maybe.

After witnessing the agonizing contortions that the country has been going through it has finally dawned on me that all I can do is take care of my family, and make our lives as comfortable as possible. I guess it took getting married recently to make me realize this. So I’m declaring a moratorium on TV news in our house. There are a lot of movies to watch, and there is always a lot of music to listen to.

For me, there’s nothing like great Philly Soul to smooth the waters in a difficult time. So this week we’re heading back to Philadelphia to take a look at the Intrigues, and their 1969 hit “In a Moment.” It’s worth noting that 1969 and 2016 have a lot in common in terms of political rancor in this country … (more)


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