Soul Serenade: The Jimmy Castor Bunch, “Troglodyte (Cave Man)”

Jimmy Castor Bunch - "Troglodyte (Cave Man)"The other day I noticed that I hadn’t seen a friend of mine around Facebook in a few days. This is someone whose posts I was used to seeing regularly. I could no longer even find her profile when I searched for it. I thought perhaps she had unfriended me, but I knew I hadn’t given her any cause to do that. So I sent her a text message, and she replied that she was taking a hiatus from Facebook.

I was interested in her reasons for this, because I think a hiatus from Facebook would be a good idea for many of us from time to time. There’s a reason it’s known as Crackbook. She explained that she’d withdrawn because guys were hitting on her and asking her out every day, and she just had to get away from it. My first reaction was to be ashamed of my gender, and not for the first time. We’re all too guilty of dumping unwanted attention on women, even when it’s made clear that our attention is unwanted. My next thought was … troglodytes … (more)


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