Soul Serenade: Isaac Hayes, “I Stand Accused”

Isaac Hayes - "I Stand Accused"In 1964, Jerry Butler had a moderately-sized hit with “I Stand Accused.” He’d already had bigger hits, several of them, and he had many bigger hits ahead of him. Nonetheless, “I Stand Accused,” a song Butler wrote with his brother Billy, has become one of Butler’s most beloved songs. It’s unlikely that it would be so well-remembered however, if not for Isaac Hayes’ majestic 1970 cover version of the song.

Hayes had released his landmark Hot Buttered Soul album in 1969. The album was a key component in the Stax Records comeback that Al Bell engineered after Atlantic Records laid claim to all of the Stax masters recorded between 1960-1967, and the tragic death of the label’s superstar, Otis Redding. Bell hatched a plan to flood the market with dozens of new Stax singles and albums, and one of the most successful efforts in this surge of activity was Hot Buttered Soul, which sold three million copies … (more)


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