Soul Serenade: Maxine Nightingale, “Right Back Where We Started From”

Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started FromSoul music is not a genre that is restricted to music coming out of Detroit, Memphis, Muscle Shoals, or other American cities. Great Britain can not only lay claim to great soul artists, but also continues to support soul artists who might have flown under the radar. Many is the career that has been revived by an artist taking his or her act to England, and the Northern Soul movement there continues to champion long forgotten, but nonetheless deserving artists.

Maxine Nightingale didn’t have to take her act to the U.K. She was born in Wembley, and started singing with bands when she was in school. The first break she got came when a band called Unisound heard her sing, and invited her to join them on a cabaret tour. One of the venue managers on that tour liked what he heard, arranged for Maxine to make a demo, and got her signed to Pye Records … (more)


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