Soul Serenade: Donny Hathaway, “This Christmas”

Donny Hathaway - This ChristmasIt’s a sad old world, isn’t it? Everywhere you look there’s violence and hatred, war and famine. But every once in awhile you hear a story that demonstrates the basic goodness of people, and it makes your heart soar because it gives you hope, and hope is an elusive thing these days. Just when you think love is lost, you look around at your family and friends and realize that love is not lost at all. It’s right there in your heart.

I’m going to appreciate the peace of Christmas more than I ever have this year. It’s a time to put aside the animus and fill our hearts with light and love, if only for one day. But here’s the thing; if we can all do it on Christmas, maybe we can do it the day after Christmas, and the day after that, and the day after that. Before we know it, peace and love will become the normal way of things, and not the exception. Come on, it’s not hard to do, because deep down inside, it’s what we all want … (more)


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