Soul Serenade: J.J. Jackson, “But It’s Alright”

JJ Jackson - But It's AlrightSometimes you have to leave home to find success. It’s never easy to pack up your whole life and take it to another city, and even harder if you’re traveling to a new country. These days it seems like all the rage for musicians to move to Nashville. Some achieve their dreams, but more are never heard from again.

J.J. Jackson has one of the more interesting stories in the soul music annals, and one that might surprise you. Jerome Lewis Jackson was born in Gillet, Arkansas in 1941. He began his career in music as a songwriter and arranger, penning songs for artists as disparate as “Brother” Jack McDuff, Jimmy Witherspoon, and the Shangri-Las. In fact, Jackson’s song “It’s Easier to Cry” was the B-side of the massive Shangri-Las hit “Remember (Walking in the Sand)” … (more)

Soul Serenade: JJ Jackson, “But It’s Alright”


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