Soul Serenade: Timmy Thomas, “Why Can’t We Live Together”

Soul Serenade - Timmy ThomasWe like to think that racism is behind us in this country. We like to point to our African-American president as the proof of that. But no one knows better than Barack Obama how racist this country remains, and last week another ugly event reminded us that we still have a long way to go in that regard.

Nine people were gunned down in the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. They were murdered by a 21 year-old racist who sat with their Bible study group for an hour before pulling out a gun. He was welcomed to the church because that’s what parishioners at Mother Emanuel do and have always done. When the killer was arraigned the next days family members and friends of the deceased were given a chance to speak in court. Through their anguished tears they somehow found it in their hearts to offer forgiveness to the murderer who had taken their loved ones. The next time someone mentions “Christian values” remember the people who spoke that day … (more)

Soul Serenade: Timmy Thomas, “Why Can’t We Live Together”



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