The Rolling Stones 1966.

I’m somewhere in this crowd. The show was at the Marine Ballroom on Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ on July 1, 1966. The opening acts that day were the Tradewinds, the Standells, and the McCoys. The Stones opened with “Not Fade Away,” and closed with “Satisfaction.”


The Rolling Stones 1966.

14 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones 1966.

  1. My brother Rick and I were in the crowd, as well. Is it possible to obtain a copy of the photo that isn’t pixilated? It would be fun to try to find us.

  2. I was at the matinee earlier in the day. They came on about two hours late and looked like they’d just been roused from sleep. There were only 100 or so people there as I now remember it.

    • Don’t know what show you were at but I remember the place packed from stage to the back they came out on time did 6 songs & came back at 4:00 pm did the same 6 songs then came back at 8:00 pm did the same 6 songs I remember Not Fade Away, Satisfaction, Lady Jane, Brain Jones played the dulcimer on that. It was $1.00 admission so my friends & me left after every show went out & got drunk came back & paid $1.00 again best 3 shows I ever saw. I would not pay todays prices to see God.

  3. I was there. To the right of this picture there was a raised platform. We were sitting eye level on the edge of the platform only about 15 feet from Brian Jones. Got some great photos.

    • Dear Lynn, My friends & me were on the same platform we came in just when the show started it was the only place close to the stage you could get to, saw all 3 shows. Brian Jones played a dulcimer on Lady Jane. Would love to see or get a copy of your pictures. Thanks

  4. My sister and I were in this crowd, too. Anybody have a set list for either the Stones or the Mccoys from this show?

  5. I was there, all three shows, and up front…managed to give a doll or something (who can remember!) to Mick. And yes, I remember 1 show sparsely attended. I thought we paid 1 admission to get onto the pier, and the shows were then free…

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