CD Review: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Who Killed Sgt. Pepper” | Popdose

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who Killed Sgt.PepperMy review of Who Killed Sgt. Pepper, the new album from the Brian Jonestown Massacre, was posted to Popdose today:

“Ok, this is tough stuff. The tenth studio album from San Francisco’s the Brian Jonestown Massacre is a swirling psychedelic phantasmagoria. The band, best known to most people via their controversial portrayal in the rockumentary DiG!, certainly has its detractors. Most of the venom is directed at the band’s somewhat bizarre architect, Anton Newcombe. The BJM has had literally dozens of members over the course of its 15 year existence, and has spun off bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Warlocks, The Raveonettes, and the Black Angels. The one constant, through all the insanity, has been Newcombe. Who Killed Sgt. Pepper will do nothing to heal the division between the believers and the skeptics.

To read the entire review, please click here.


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