Cratedigger: The 5th Dimension, “The Magic Garden” | Popdose

The 5th Dimension - The Magic GardenMy latest Cratedigger column for Popdose features the 5th Dimension’s recording of the Jimmy Webb song cycle, The Magic Garden.

“There are very few songwriters who have enjoyed careers as storied as Jimmy Webb. For more than 40 years he’s been sending songs up the pop charts, creating stars along the way. My own appreciation of Webb began with the Richard Harris recording of Webb’s epic “MacArthur Park” in 1968. It’s a song that has inspired strong, and not necessarily positive, reactions. There has always been that silly criticism about “someone left the cake out in the rain,” and “all the sweet green icing flowing down,” when even a cursory listen reveals the true meaning of the metaphors. And yes, I even enjoyed Harris’ highly emotive vocal style. So much so that I bought his Webb-produced and written first album A Tramp Shining, as well as their second collaboration, which I regard as a true pop masterpiece, The Yard Went On Forever.”

To read the entire story, please click here.


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