DVD Review: The Zombies, “Odessey & Oracle: The 40th Anniversary Concert” | Popdose

The Zombies - Odessey & Oracle: The 40th Anniversary ConcertMy review of the Zombies Odessey & Oracle: The 40th Anniversary Concert DVD has been posted to Popdose:

“In June of 1967, the Zombies entered EMI’s Abbey Road studios to record their masterpiece, Odessey & Oracle. Earlier that year, the Beatles had recorded their own masterpiece, Sgt. Pepper, in the same studio. In November, the Zombies completed their sessions, but by then the band was close to the breaking point. Tempers flared during the recording of “Time of the Season,” which later became a massive hit. When keyboard player Rod Argent and bassist Chris White, who had produced the album and written the songs, delivered the mono masters to CBS, they were told that stereo masters would be required. They were out of money, and had to take money out of their own songwriting royalties to pay for the new mixes. It was the last straw. Singer Colin Blunstone and guitarist Paul Atkinson left the band. The stereo mix was completed on January 1, 1968, but by then the Zombies had broken up.”

To read the entire review, please click here.


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