Cratedigger: The Cars, “Candy-O” | Popdose

The Cars - Candy-OMy latest Cratedigger column has been posted to Popdose. It recalls the Cars second album, 1979’s Candy-O:

“The Cars seldom seem to get enough credit for being a fine band. That of course is because they had the temerity to be too successful, launching hit single after hit single up the charts. Originating from Boston in the wake of the rise and flame-out of the punk movement, they were one of the first of what were labeled “new wave” bands. Bands that were tarred with this particular brush were thought to be playing on the punk image while putting mainstream success ahead of punk principles. The defining fashion statement of the new wave wasn’t torn T-shirts, but rather pushed-up sleeves on sports jackets. The Cars are an object lesson in why we should forget about labels and image and judge the music on its own merits.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here.


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