The Popdose 100: The Best Albums of the Decade

The Best Albums of the DecadeThe final installment in the Popdose “Best of the Decade” series was posted today:

“How many albums did you own ten years ago?

How many do you own now?

Without question, the last decade has seen a massive shift in the way we collect music, with an emphasis on the collect – thanks to mp3s, music has become one big all-you-can-eat buffet, devaluing everything from bootlegs to boxed sets while changing the definition of “huge collection” from hundreds of CDs to tens of thousands of binary files. And it seems like we’ve all become aware of a lot more music, too — this decade lacked a true superstar artist, but if you look back on the last ten years, chances are you’ll remember a handful of songs you fell in love with by artists most people have never heard of. Top 40 is dead, and now you’re the DJ.”

You can check out the entire list here.


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