The Wrap-up

I got back home on Friday night. I have to tell you that Continental’s first class is what first class is supposed to be about, and what Northwest’s is not about. From the great food to the personal entertainment system, to the great space, this is the way it should be done.

Here are some statistics related to my trip:

Total miles: Approximately 10,183
Trip duration: 20 days
Travel modes: Airplane, train, bus, ship, automobile
Hotels stayed in: 11 (not including the ship cabin)

It was a great trip, but as you can tell from the statistics, it was long, and I’m glad to be back home. But I’ll be ready to travel again soon. There are lots of places still to see. I’m hoping that Hawaii is our next destination.

If you’ve been following along on my journey, thanks. I hope you’ll keep reading my blog even when this particular string is over.


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