San Francisco – Day 4

Unfortunately my camera crapped out today, so there won’t be any photos to illustrate my adventures in Sonoma today. The funny thing is that when I got back to the city and checked into tonight’s hotel, The Huntington on Nob Hill, I found the manual for the camera online. When I searched for the error code the camera was giving me, the manual said that it was an problem that I couldn’t repair, and that I had to contact Sony. Great. In a last ditch effort, I went to a user forum, and searched for posts about my problem. Sure enough, someone had posed the question, and someone else had provided the answer. The solution to the problem, according the the responder, was the turn the camera off and give it a couple of whacks. Very high tech, right? It was worth a try though, and sure enough, my camera is operational again. It was too late for Sonoma though.

It was nice to get out into the country. It’s also about fifteen to twenty degrees warmer up there. It was another beautiful blue sky day in any event. I had a very nice lunch in a courtyard outdoors in the city of Sonoma, and then I preceded north to check out a few wineries. I didn’t have any specific places in mind, but in that area, there’s one winery after another. I hit about four, including Arrowood, Imagery, Valley of the Moon, and B.R. Cohn. Nothing really knocked me out enough to make a purchase, but that’s the risk you run when you don’t plan your visit to specific wineries.

I headed into the city and checked into the hotel. Mitch and I had dinner at one of my favorite places here, a Chinese place called the R&G Lounge. They have a dish called salt and pepper crab that is simply amazing. After dinner we grabbed a cable car back up the hill. I was supposed to go to that show that I thought was last night, but as I sit here, it looks like I"m going to punt. I’m simply worn out.

One day left here, but it should be a good one. In the morning I’m going to meet my friend Madison at the Ferry Building and we’re going to take the ferry over to Tiburon for lunch. If there’s time after that, I want to take a drive south to Pacifica to see what that’s like. Dinner tomorrow night is at Chez Panisse in Berkeley. I have always wanted to go to Alice Waters’ restaurant, so I’m excited about that. Hopefully I’ll have some photos of tomorrow’s events for you.


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