Seattle to San Francisco


We arrived in Fairbanks on June 9. Since then, I have traveled over 3,000 miles, always moving south. I’ve been on trains, buses, ships, and finally in a car. This afternoon I arrived in San Francisco, where I’m staying tonight at the W Hotel, which is quite a swanky place in a low key, tragically hip sort of way.

I dropped Nikki off at SeaTac on Friday morning, and she’s safely back home now. The parting was sad, but we had a great adventure. After that I headed the big Chrysler south of I-5 for the long journey to San Francisco.

The drive from Seattle was long, but the scenery was wonderful, from the majestic evergreen forests of Washington, to the sweeping vistas of southern Oregon, and finally the testing high mountain passes of northern California. The photos above is of California’s Mt. Shasta, which rises some 14,000 feet above sea level.

It took me about twelve hours over two days to get here, but I’m happy to be in this city, as always. I’m waiting to hear from some friends about dinner. Stay tuned for more of my adventures in San Francisco over the next few days.


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