When Bisons Attack!


See this motherf*er here? If you notice a smile on her face, that’s because she tried to kill me a few seconds before I took this photo.

Nikki and I were at the Alaska Wildlife Preservation Center yesterday. The Center provides a spacious home, and excellent care for animals who have been wounded, injured, or orphaned. We saw moose, bears, caribou, elks, reindeer, and the aforementioned wood bison.

So I’m standing there at the fence taking photos of the bison, when I hear Nikki call out to me. I look up to see this creature charging straight toward me. Now there was a fence between us, but if you check out those horns, you can see that they could easily fit through the fence. I managed to scramble away from the fence just in time to save myself from a goring.

Nikki managed to catch most of it on video and it has provided her with hours of laughter ever since. In fact there’s subsequent video in which all you hear is her laughing hysterically. Oh well.

This morning we leave Alyeska for Seward, where we will board the Volendam, the ship which will be our home for the next week. There are photos of the Wildlife Preservation Center, and many more, here .


One thought on “When Bisons Attack!

  1. LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! In all honesty, it was scary when it was happening and then I just couldn’t stop laughing!! Maybe I’ll get those 3 seconds onto You Tube…LOL!!

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