Dr. Dog – We All Belong

Originally published in The Aquarian Weekly
April 11, 2007

Dr. Dog/We All Belong
Park The Van

The best pop music is created
by throwing a bunch of high quality
influences into a pot and stirring
it up into something fresh. On their
fourth full-length album, Philadelphia’s
Dr. Dog have created a
tasty stew indeed. Borrowing
liberally from The Beatles, Ray
Davies, Ian Hunter and others,
the band has come up with a
loose, lighthearted retro gem that
is fun to listen to.

The band employed a 24-track
recorder and two-inch tape this
time out, forsaking the trusty eight
track that they had used previously.
As a result, they were able to pile
on the vocal harmonies and
instrumental hooks in an appealing
fashion. Occasionally, the lead
vocals tend toward impersonation,
or even worse, parody of their
influences, but that’s a minor

The Hooplesque “Alaska” and
Kinks-like “Worst Trip” stand out.

In A Word: Gumbo
Grade: B
—by Ken Shane


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