Patty Griffin – Children Running Through

Originally published in The
Aquarian Weekly

March 14,

 Patty Griffin

Running Through

ATO Records

According to early
reports, this will be Patty

biggest album. It’s ironic because she has made better

albums in something of a
coaster career. The gifted

songwriter-singer gives us a glimpse of her talent here,

it feels as if she’s
simply trying
too hard.

It’s a mystery to me
why co-producer Mike McCarthy, and

Griffin herself would have
little faith in her great
voice that

they would feel the need
to place
her vocals so far up front
in these

mixes that it’s sometimes
to listen.

Everyone needs to
relax a little. Patty
Griffin is a

wonderful artist. The
detail of “Burgundy Shoes”

what she is capable of at her best. She
should be

allowed to shine without
rammed down people’s

In A Word: Forced

Grade: B-

—by Ken Shane

Patty Griffin – Children Running Through


One thought on “Patty Griffin – Children Running Through

  1. Firstly, I think this is easily Patty’s best album since her first, but, to each his own, that is a matter of taste. Your comment about the vocals, however, makes no sense. Putting her vocals up front in the mix shows faith and confidence in her wonderful voice. She has also said in countless interviews that her previous producers lacked confidence in her voice and wanted her to sing softly. On the new album McCarthy helped her to cut loose and enjoy singing again. But that’s just what Patty said, I suppose you know better.

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