Michael Schwarz

Another son of New Jersey has lost his life in Iraq. Marine Lance Corporal Michael Schwarz was killed in action during combat operations in Anbar province. The Carlstadt native was 20 years old. He was the 64th service member with ties to New Jersey to be killed in Iraq.

I was reading about Michael, about what a good kid he was, how he loved playing hockey and off-roading in his jeep. About how he was a volunteer firefighter in Carlstadt, following in the footsteps of his father Ken, and his older brother Frank. His dad is a mechanic for the Carlstadt DPW.

As I was reading, it struck me that I know these people. No, I’ve never met them. But I see them in the diners. I see them in the gas stations and shopping centers. I see them in the bars. I know them and today I hurt for them.

The people of NJ are proud and tough. We’ve endured decades of ridicule, but we still stand tall. Now we’ve given another one of our sons to a foreign war. When will this end?


One thought on “Michael Schwarz

  1. I found this kids death notice in my own personnal VFW magazine and was looking for details. My nephew is in the same unit, and it’s one way of peering into the hellish environment they reside.

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