Harvey Danger Gets It

You may remember a band called Harvey Danger. A few years back, they had a big hit with a song called "Flagpole Sitter". Now they’re back with a new album, "Little By Little", and they have made the decision to distribute it, for free, through their website. The site provides the band’s explanation for this decision, and the hope that if you like what you hear you will actually buy the cd.

The prime motivation, according to the band, is that they want people to hear their album. Finally, a band that appears to understand the realities of the music industry today. I would be willing to bet that this decision pays off for Harvey Danger. Most people aren’t looking to “steal” music. They just want some quality for their dollar, and a fair price. Not only will this band get a lot of publicity, but if the album is good (I’ve downloaded it, but I haven’t listened yet), people will pay for it.

You can download the new Harvey Danger album as a bittorrent file, or as mp3s.


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