New Orleans Update

A city official in New Orleans said today that the floodwater there is contaminated with e-coli bacteria. The bacteria comes from human and animal waste and drinking contaminated water that has not been properly treated can lead to serious illness or death.

In another development, there is a fire raging in the city’s Garden District, which was largely spared by the hurricane. Helicopters are dumping water on the fire to try to keep it from spreading. The area, which is south of the French Quarter, is where prominent people in the mid 19th century built opulent mansions. Two buildings have been destroyed so far by the fire, which was started by a candle in the basement of building from which two people were rescued.

Mayor Ray Nagin said that he did not know how many dead people would be found when the floodwaters recede, but he said he expected the number to be in the thousands."It’s going to be awful, and it’s going to wake the nation up again," Nagin said.


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