Beyond Belief

I just heard Ivor van Heerden, a scientist from LSU, being interviewed on CNN. He theorizes that 80% of the population of New Orleans evacuated before the storm. That would have left about 250,000 people in the city. His computer models suggest that as many as a third of those people have drowned. Dr. van Heerden says that the only thing left to do now is get people out of the city as quickly as possible, as a health crisis looms. There are fears of diseases like Typhoid and Cholera.

There are thousands of refugees looking for a way out of the city. Many people are still coming to the Superdome, which is being evacuated.

A fire has broken out at the corner of Bourbon and Canal Street in the heart of the French Quarter.

Update: A local police officer has had to ask a CNN correspondent to announce the fire in the French Quarter, which has started in a Foot Locker store. He hopes that the message will be heard by his colleagues. He has no radio communications, and fears that since the buildings are so close together the entire area is in danger.


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